Handpan/Steel Tongue Drum

  • 11 Notes Steel Tongue Drum
  • 11 Notes Steel Tongue Drum
  • 11 Notes Steel Tongue Drum
11 Notes Steel Tongue Drum11 Notes Steel Tongue Drum11 Notes Steel Tongue Drum

11 Notes Steel Tongue Drum

  • Size: 10“ 12” for choice
  • Product description: 11 Notes Steel Tongue Drum Wholesale MOQ: 3

[About Tongue Drums]

Tongue drums are charming instruments which can be played by anyone at nearly any age.

They are founded in a variety of fields, including music education/making, jam session, professional performances, yoga meditation, relaxing, etc.

Due to the special way steel tongue drums are tuned, even with little to no musical instrument experience or knowledge, people can play the drum sound good, get creative, jam, enjoy beautiful melodies and relax.

[Features of TOFOU Tongue Drums]

- Manufactured by professional factory, with quality guarantee;

- Offer free customization/ personalization service, engraving the logo, text or image you want;

- Made of high-grade material, last longer, sound better;

- Strictly hand-tuned by professional tuners, the timbre is melodious, pure and empty;

- Precisely hand-cut, every pitch is perfect;

- Easy to carry, come with a carry bag for convenient carry;

- Anti-skid foot pads, can be placed on a flat surface smoothly without skidding.

[Tone Scale of the Tongue Drum]

10" 11 notes: D tone

12" 11 notes: C tone


1*steel tongue drum

1*drum storage bag

1*pair of drumstick

1*music book



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